SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Faith has always been a place of hope. A place people turn to in moments of despair and to process senseless acts of violence like the kind we saw earlier this week in Texas.

Bishop William Byrne of the Springfield Diocese told 22News that we should all be upset with what happened, it was a look at the face of pure evil. But when faced with such darkness, it’s important to remember the light.

“With evil we don’t fight it with more evil, we fight it with love. And so the anger is righteous and that’s a good thing, but it must be met with love and prayer because that’s what’s going to change our world,” said Bishop Byrne.

Both the spiritual leaders 22News spoke to not only encourages reflection, but a call to action.

“The prayer leads to action, to do something positive, to be a positive influence, to be role models for other people for our neighbors, our friends. When we say prayer it’s not just a prayer and we are done, it’s a prayer that’s going to lead to some real action on our part,” said Rabbi Noach Kosofsky of Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy.

“I think we need to raise our voices and say we’ve had enough,” said Bishop Byrne.

For those who are questioning how could a benevolent God allow such a horrible event to occur, both leaders cite the role of free will and the capability and choice we have, as humans, to bring out the goodness in the world.