SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Traditionally it is a popular weekend to hit the beach or the mountains, this Labor day weekend is looking a little bit different this year due to inflation. AAA conducted a survey with members in the northeast and found the majority of people will be staying put.

Mary Maguire the Director of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Northeast told 22News, “31 percent will travel, 49 percent will not travel for Labor Day weekend. 70 percent of all of those we surveyed said that inflation and higher gasoline prices played a role in their travel decisions for Labor Day weekend.”

Mary Cate Mannion of Suffield said, “I am thinking of staying closer to home for Labor Day just because of the craziness at the gas pumps. I am thinking of day trips, doing some hiking, maybe check out a couple of breweries. So staying real local if possible.”

Wesley Days of Springfield explained, “I am going to be home cooking on the grill for family and friends. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling this year, so it will be good to be at home.”

Eighty percent of people who are travelling will be doing so via car and you can expect to see traffic backing up Thursday night.

Maguire added, “If you can get a jump on travel and leave before noon certainly that will help you or you may do better waiting until evening, after 7 or 8 p.m., to travel. For sure, you should be using or accessing your favorite travel tools or apps to figure out what the real time travel situation is out there.”

If you find yourself part of that 31 percent that is traveling, AAA also suggests your make sure your car is tuned up and safe to hit the road.