BOSTON (SHNS) – The Registry of Motor Vehicles now has another tool at its disposal to track out-of-state driving records, an area where gaps in the past have been tied to tragic results.

Over the weekend of June 25 and 26, the RMV tested and successfully rolled out a new Driver History Record electric service offered by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, or AAMVA. The system will help transportation officials in Massachusetts more easily exchange individual drivers’ records with other participating states, information that will help Bay State officials determine if someone should have their license suspended or revoked here. Massachusetts became the fourth state to join the state-to-state DHR project, Registrar Colleen Ogilvie told the Department of Transportation’s board on Wednesday.

Three other states — Maryland, Minnesota and South Carolina — plan to join by the end of the year, and another eight will come on board next year, Ogilvie said. “This is another tool in our toolbox in order for us to comply with the withdrawals and convictions for out-of-state drivers,” she said. “We won’t reap all of the benefits until more states join later this year and also in 2023, but it positions us in a great place to improve the work we’re doing, the productivity and efficiency.”

The RMV’s failure to respond to out-of-state driving offenses in a timely manner landed in the spotlight in 2019 after a West Springfield man, whose license should have been suspended based on an arrest in Connecticut, allegedly killed seven motorcyclists in a crash in New Hampshire.