NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Second Chance Animal Services has performed their 75,000th low-cost spay and neuter surgery, an achievement in their mission to reduce pet overpopulation.

Second Chance Animal Services is a nonprofit that is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals, according to a news release from Second Chance. This 75,000th spay and neuter surgery is a significant milestone in creating healthier communities for pets.

This is part of their commitment that began back in 2005 at their East Brookfield shelter to provide accessible and affordable spay and neuter services. It also aims to address the root causes of pet homelessness.

Spay and neuter surgeries can present various cancers and other health issues, and positively influence their behavior by reducing aggression and roaming tendencies, along with controlling the populations of unwanted animals.

“This milestone is a testament to the dedication of our team and the support of our community. However, our work is far from over. We are committed to continuing our efforts to reach even more pets in need,” said Sheryl Blancato, the CEO and founder of Second Chance.

“Routine spays and neuters can protect pets from life-threatening conditions, including pyometra and testicular cancer. Our goal is not only to address the immediate needs of pets but to contribute to a healthier pet community in the long run,’ continued Blancato.

If any pet owners are interested in low-cost spay and neuter surgeries can visit their website and complete a S.P.O.T application under the Vet Care tab.

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