WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham is addressing the problem that caused the lighting system to malfunction and stay on constantly, for almost two years.

This story got national attention because the school building was designed to be eco-friendly – and about 7,000 lights were on 24/7 for almost two years.

The Assistant Superintendent of Finance Operations told 22News that he estimates the lights were costing the district and therefore the taxpayer’s thousands of dollars each month, adding the problem hadn’t been fixed earlier because the vendor had been dealing with supply chain issues. Residents are glad the problem is being addressed.

Glen Clark of Wilbraham told 22News, “very glad it’s done. it was an embarrassment. it’s unfortunate that we can’t seek relief from the contractor, however, it’s an issue that’s done now.”

On Wednesday, the school administration reported that the work to fix the lights is currently underway, however, some of the lights in the building remain on.

The cost for the repair is estimated between 75 and $80,000 and entails replacing lighting panels and a server while updating software.

The repairs are scheduled to take several days and should be completed when students return next week.