SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Friday is Endangered Species Day. In Massachusetts, there are 432 species that are either considered endangered, threatened or special concern.

Under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA), all of these species are protected as well as their habitat. Humans are not allowed to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, hound, kill, trap, capture, collect, process, disrupt the nesting, breeding, feeding or migratory activity or attempt to engage in any such conduct, or to assist such conduct to animals. For plants protected by MESA, humans are not allowed to collect, pick, kill, transplant, cut or process or attempt to engage or to assist in any such conduct.

As of 2020, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has 217 endangered, 108 threatened and 108 special concern species that are protected. The most common species you may have heard of are bald eagles, peregrine falcons, blue whales and North Atlantic right whales.

Before 2012, bald eagles were considered endangered in Massachusetts but their population has increased over the years. They are now ranked as special concern in the commonwealth.

The following are species that are considered endangered (E) or threatened (T):


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Shortnose SturgeonEE
Atlantic SturgeonEE/T
Northern Redbelly DaceE 
Lake ChubE 
Threespine SticklebackT 
American Brook LampreyT 


Common NameMAStatusFed Status
Grasshopper SparrowT 
Short-eared OwlE 
Upland SandpiperE 
American BitternE 
Red KnotTT
Piping PloverTT
Northern HarrierT 
Sedge WrenE 
Peregrine FalconSC 
Bald EagleSC 
Least BitternE 
Leach’s Storm-petrelE 
Pied-billed GrebeE 
Vesper SparrowT 
King RailT 
Northern ParulaT 
Roseate TernEE
Golden-winged WarblerE 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Sei WhaleEE
Blue WhaleEE
Fin WhaleEE
North Atlantic Right WhaleEE
Humpback WhaleE 
Eastern Small-footed BatE 
Little Brown BatE 
Northern Long-eared BatET
Indiana BatEE
Tricolored BatE 
Sperm WhaleEE


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Blue-spotted SalamanderT 
Marbled SalamanderT 
Eastern SpadefootT 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Loggerhead Sea TurtleTT
Eastern WormsnakeT 
Green Sea TurtleTT
Timber RattlesnakeE 
Leatherback Sea TurtleEE
Blanding’s TurtleT 
Atlantic Hawksbill Sea TurtleEE
Bog TurtleET
Kemp’s Ridley Sea TurtleEE
Northern Diamond-backed TerrapinT 
Eastern RatsnakeE 
Northern Red-bellied CooterEE


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Boreal MarstoniaE 
Slender WalkerE 
Mossy ValvataE 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Dwarf WedgemusselEE
Brook FloaterE 
Yellow LampmusselE 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Agassiz’s Clam ShrimpE 
Taconic Cave AmphipodE 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Subarctic DarnerE 
Midland ClubtailE 
Skillet ClubtailT 
Riffle SnaketailT 
Harpoon ClubtailE 
Rapids ClubtailE 
Forcipate EmeraldE 
Coppery EmeraldE 
Incurvate EmeraldE 
Kennedy’s EmeraldE 
Riverine ClubtailE 
Ebony BoghaunterE 
Ringed BoghaunterT 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Attenuated BluetT 
Scarlet BluetT 
Pine Barrens BluetT 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Northeastern Beach Tiger BeetleET
Claybank Tiger BeetleT 
Cobblestone Tiger BeetleE 
Barrens Tiger BeetleE 
Puritan Tiger BeetleET
Hentz’s Red-bellied Tiger BeetleT 
American Burying BeetleEE

Butterflies and Moths

Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Barrens Dagger MothT 
Phyllira Tiger MothE 
New Jersey Tea InchwormE 
Bog ElfinT 
Precious Underwing MothE 
Melsheimer’s Sack-bearerT 
Collared CycniaT 
The Pink-streakT 
Imperial MothT 
Early HairstreakT 
Persius DuskywingE 
Dion SkipperT 
Sandplain HeterocampaT 
Buchholz’s GrayE 
Twilight MothE 
Woolly GrayT 
Barrens MetarranthisE 
Pitcher-plant BorerT 
Chain Fern BorerT 
Water-willow Stem BorerT 
Mustard WhiteT 
Southern PtichodisT 
Faded Gray GeometerT 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Walsh’s AnthophoraE 
American Bumble BeeE 
Yellow-banded Bumble BeeT 


Common NameMA StatusFed Status
Black CohoshE 
Sandplain GerardiaEE
Purple Giant HyssopE 
Lesser SnakerootE 
Small-flowered AgrimonyE 
Downy AgrimonyT 
Bartram’s ShadbushT 
Annual PeanutgrassE 
Lyre-leaved Rock-cressE 
Green DragonT 
Purple NeedlegrassT 
Seabeach NeedlegrassT 
Purple MilkweedE 
Whorled MilkweedT 
Mountain SpleenwortE 
Wall-rue SpleenwortT 
Swamp BirchE 
Eaton’s Beggar-ticksE 
Estuary Beggar-ticksE 
Downy Wood-mintE 
Hairy Wood-mintE 
Green Rock-cressT 
Pickering’s ReedgrassE 
New England Northern Reed GrassE 
Upright BindweedE 
Fen Cuckoo-flowerT 
Purple CressE 
Long’s BittercressE 
Foxtail SedgeT 
Back’s SedgeE 
Bailey’s SedgeT 
Bush’s SedgeE 
Chestnut-colored SedgeE 
Creeping SedgeE 
Davis’ SedgeE 
Handsome SedgeT 
Glaucescent SedgeE 
Slender Woodland SedgeE 
Gray’s SedgeT 
Shore SedgeT 
Livid SedgeE 
False Hop SedgeE 
Midland SedgeE 
Michaux’s SedgeE 
Mitchell’s SedgeT 
Rich Woods SedgeT 
Few-seeded SedgeE 
Few-flowered SedgeE 
Variable SedgeE 
Schweinitz’s SedgeE 
Squarrose SedgeT 
Dioecious SedgeT 
Walter’s SedgeE 
Tuckerman’s SedgeE 
Cat-tail SedgeT 
American BittersweetT 
Nodding ChickweedE 
Fogg’s GoosefootE 
Narrow-leaved Spring-beautyE 
Long-leaved Panic-grassT 
Shore Pygmy-weedT 
Bicknell’s HawthornE 
Appalachian Bristle-fernE 
Fragile Rock-brakeE 
Northern Wild ComfreyE 
Engelmann’s FlatsedgeT 
Houghton’s FlatsedgeE 
Ram’s Head Lady’s-slipperE 
Yellow Lady’s-slipperE 
Showy Lady’s-slipperE 
Tussock HairgrassE 
Large-bracted Tick-trefoilT 
Mattamuskeet Rosette-grassE 
Rough Rosette-grassT 
Cornel-leaved AsterE 
American WaterwortE 
Wright’s Spike-sedgeE 
Matted Spike-sedgeT 
Tiny-fruited Spike-sedgeE 
Ovate Spike-sedgeE 
Few-flowered Spike-sedgeE 
Three-angled Spike-sedgeE 
Hairy Wild RyeE 
Parker’s PipewortE 
Slender CottongrassT 
New England BonesetE 
Northern BedstrawE 
Labrador BedstrawT 
Purple CudweedE 
Andrews’ Bottle GentianE 
Dwarf Rattlesnake-plantainE 
Spurred GentianE 
Long-leaved BluetE 
Appalachian FirmossE 
Mountain FirmossE 
Golden SealE 
Saltpond PennywortT 
Broad WaterleafE 
Creeping St. John’s-wortT 
Giant St. John’s-wortE 
St. Andrew’s CrossE 
Big-leaved HollyE 
Acadian QuillwortE 
Lake QuillwortE 
Small Whorled PogoniaET
Two-flowered RushT 
Weak RushE 
Thread RushE 
Beaded PinweedE 
Saltpond GrassT 
Sea Lyme-grassE 
Stiff Yellow FlaxT 
Lily-leaf TwaybladeT 
Dwarf BulrushT 
Great Blue LobeliaE 
Hairy HoneysuckleE 
Many-fruited SeedboxE 
Round-fruited SeedboxE 
Black-fruited WoodrushE 
Foxtail ClubmossE 
Taperleaf Water-horehoundE 
Sweet BayE 
Bayard’s Adder’s-mouthE 
White Adder’s-mouthE 
Green Adder’s-mouthT 
Woodland MilletT 
Winged Monkey-flowerE 
Michaux’s SandwortT 
Large-leaved SandwortE 
Red MulberryE 
Slender Water-milfoilE 
Farwell’s Water-milfoilE 
Whorled Water-milfoilE 
Lion’s FootE 
Southern TwaybladeT 
Heartleaf TwaybladeE 
Tiny Cow-lilyE 
Upland White GoldenrodE 
Adder’s Tongue FernT 
Eastern Prickly PearE 
Golden ClubE 
Violet Wood-sorrelE 
Swamp LousewortE 
Hairy Beard-tongueE 
Swamp SmartweedT 
Sweet ColtsfootE 
Crested Fringed OrchidE 
Leafy White OrchidT 
Pale Green OrchidT 
Drooping SpeargrassE 
Braun’s Holly-fernE 
Swamp CottonwoodE 
Tuckerman’s PondweedT 
Fries’ PondweedE 
Ogden’s PondweedE 
Straight-leaved PondweedE 
Vasey’s PondweedE 
Sandbar CherryT 
Pink PyrolaE 
Yellow OakT 
Small-flowered ButtercupE 
Maryland Meadow-beautyE 
Great LaurelT 
Capillary BeaksedgeE 
Inundated BeaksedgeT 
Short-beaked BeaksedgeT 
Torrey’s BeaksedgeE 
Northern Prickly RoseE 
Seabeach DockT 
Swamp DockT 
Slender Marsh PinkE 
Sea PinkE 
Estuary ArrowheadE 
Sandbar WillowT 
Canadian SanicleT 
Clustered SanicleT 
American ChaffseedEE
Northeastern BulrushEE
Long’s BulrushE 
Papillose Nut-sedgeE 
Tall Nut-sedgeE 
One-flower SclerolepisE 
Wild SennaE 
Slender Blue-Eyed GrassE 
Rand’s GoldenrodE 
Northern Mountain-ashE 
Small Bur-reedE 
Salt ReedgrassT 
Shining WedgegrassT 
Swamp OatsT 
Hooded Ladies’-tressesE 
Grass-leaved Ladies’-tressesT 
Small DropseedE 
Eastern Silvery AsterE 
Tradescant’s AsterT 
Cranefly OrchidE 
False PennyroyalE 
Broad Tinker’s-weedE 
Nodding PogoniaE 
Northern Gama-grassE 
Narrow False OatsE 
Resupinate BladderwortT 
Mountain CranberryE 
Narrow-leaved VervainE 
Sessile Water-speedwellE 
Downy Arrow-woodE 
Britton’s VioletT