SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Shiloh SDA church and the National Alliance on Mental Illness came together to start a dialogue about mental health concerns.

NAMI wants to offer a beacon of light love and hope to those seeking diagnosis, support, and community. NAMI believes that often times those struggling with mental health issues are often go untreated or do not know of the resources and treatments available to help them.

“We are truly that beacon of light and hope for someone that is struggling with a mental health condition,” said Donna Bunn, President of NAMI of Western Massachusetts. “That they can come to us, they can see that there is hope for them. That they are not alone.”

One in five Americans live with a mental health disorder. NAMI hopes that through beginning a dialogue they can destigmatize mental health disorders and offer their community a safe space. NAMI hopes that through education and through the accessibility of resources they can promote good mental wellness for everyone.

“It’s a blessing in heaven to have NAMI come and reinforce those things,” said Janet Russell, Elder and Community Service Leader at Shiloh SDA Church. “Although we have the message of the golden rule, do on to others as you do unto them. You still need those tools in order to know what to do for them so that they can feel validated.”

If you or a loved one is looking to learn more about how to get help and access to resources through NAMI, click here.