CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday is National Apple Day, which celebrates all things apple!

This national day is dedicated to promoting the cultural and historical significance of apples, as well as the importance of orchards and apple-related products, according to the National Day Calander.

There are multiple different varieties of apples, such as:

  1. Red Delicious apples: Known for their bright red skin and sweet, mildly tart flavor.
  2. Gala apples: Small to medium-sized and have a sweet, crisp, and mildly tart flavor.
  3. Fuji apples: Known for their firm texture and sweet, slightly spicy flavor. They are great for eating fresh and hold up well in storage.
  4. Granny Smith apples: Known for their bright green skin and tart, crisp flesh. They are often used in baking and for making apple pies.
  5. Honeycrisp apples: Prized for their sweet and exceptionally crisp texture.
  6. Braeburn apples: These have a sweet and slightly tart flavor with a crisp texture.
  7. Pink Lady apples: Known for their sweet-tart flavor and crisp texture. They are often enjoyed fresh and are also used in salads. 

Pick-your-own apple orchards

National Apple Day was established with the goal of celebrating apples, orchards, and apple-related products, so where can you get apples? Here is a list of some of the best pick-your-own apple orchards in western Massachusetts:

Some of these orchards ask that you do not bring pets. Check with the orchard you want to visit this year before going.


Now, what do you do with the apples after you have picked them? Taste of Home has a list of apple recipes to make this fall:

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