CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday is National Donut Day, a day that is observed by donut lovers across the nation.

 The first Friday in June, National Doughnut Day, is the other day donuts steal the bakery case spotlight, according to the National Day Calander.

One theory suggests that Dutch settlers brought donuts to North America, just like other traditional American desserts, and they received credit for these desserts, such as apple pie, cream pie, and cobbler.

Was the original donut round? If it was, American Hanson Gregory laid claim to inventing the ring-shaped donut in 1847 while he was working onboard a lime-trading ship. Gregory claims he punched a hole in the center of the dough with the ship’s tin pepper box, and then taught this technique to his mother.

To celebrate this day, stop at a donut shop and indulge in a fresh donut. Yelp has put together a list of the best places to get a donut in western Massachusetts.

  1. Shire Donuts– 52 Summer Street, Adams
  2. The Apple Place– 540 Somers Road, Route 85, East Longmeadow
  3. Donut Dip– 1305 Riverdale Street, West Springfield
  4. Mrs Murphy’s Donuts– 538 College Highway, Southwick
  5. Adams Donuts– 348 Federal Street, Greenfield
  6. Chmura’s Bakery– 14 Pulaski Street, Springfield
  7. Hager’s Farm Market– 1232 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls
  8. The Humble Peach– 174 N Pleasant Street, Amherst
  9. Barstows Dairy Store & Bakery– 172 Hockanum Road, Hadley
  10. Atkins Farms– 1150 West Street, Amherst

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