EAST BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There are numerous homeless animals in need of adoption in western Massachusetts. Sunday is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day to help raise awareness of pets in need of adoption from shelters.

Second Chance Animal Shelter is looking for individuals to foster one of three of their dogs for a short time. The nonprofit organization has a program called Rare Gems that allows people to foster a pet at no cost. The rare gem is a dog that has been at the shelter longer than usual due to specific needs. “They are diamonds in the rough who need just a bit of time, patience, and polishing,” stated Second Chance.

Fostering a dog can benefit the animal by exposing them to a home environment to reduce its stress, get more sleep, and individualized attention. It helps provide additional information for those looking to adopt a dog.

If you would like to become a rare gem foster, you should live within 45 minutes of one of the Second Chance vet hospitals to easily receive continued veterinary care. For more information email raregemsfoster@secondchanceanimals.org.


Pecan (Second Chance Animal Services)

Pecan is a one-year-old Whippet/mix who can be nervous but attaches to her caretaker and then settles down. She is high-energy that needs a lot of exercise to help tire her out. She would like a dog friend to help in socialization but kids might make her nervous.


Ruby (Second Chance Animal Services)

Ruby is a 9-year-old English setter/bulldog mix who needs a foster home with no other pets or children. She needs help receiving care to reach a healthy weight of around 50 pounds, she is currently underweight. It would be ideal to have a fenced-in yard because she still gets zoomies and most of all, a gentle patient foster parent who gives Ruby space to be herself.


Houston (Second Chance Animal Services)

Houston is an 8-year-old who is most likely a Lab/boxer/terrier mix and weighs about 70 pounds. Experience with large dogs and have no other pets or children in the home. He loves to chase toys and carry them around and hopes for a comfy dog bed for naps and a fenced yard for exercise.