SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News is working for you with what local legislators are saying regarding an influx of migrants into the nation and right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Federal officials have been contending with an influx of migrants at the southern border since the pandemic-era Title 42 policy expired last week. Locally, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno has told 22News he worries that the region doesn’t have the resources to accommodate any incoming refugees.

22News asked Congressman Richard Neal about what he wants to see, “The problem that is occurring at the southwest border, it requires a national response. Which means resources brought to bear, on behalf of those cities across the country that have to implement expenditure.”

That’s become the common theme of local discussions regarding incoming migrants, that the federal government has to step up. Biden has promised to veto the latest hardline immigration bill passed by House Republicans and with the clock ticking on the nation’s debt limit, its unclear when Congress will pass reform.