(WWLP) – During the summer months its well known to never leave your pets in the car, but the same goes for cold winters days. A dog left in the car can develop hypothermia, which happens when their core body temperature drops too low. This is especially true for small dogs and dogs with a short coat.

22News spoke with the Thomas J. O’Connor Control & Adoption Center about why it’s best to never leave your dog in the car no matter the season.

Lori Swanson, the Interim Director, told 22News, “Anytime you put an animal in a situation that could lead to risk it’s a problem. Our ordinances in Springfield says we can’t leave an animal anywhere that will lead to possible risk.”

Swanson said that leaving your pet in the car for even a short time can make people passing by concerned for the animal. They may try to remove the pet or break the window. Best option: leave your furry companions at home.