MEDFORD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services is warning residents about mercury toxins after a recent spill in Medford.

Mercury is toxic to people, pets, and even wildlife, according to the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services. It is more dangerous to children and pregnant women. If you end up breaking a mercury thermometer or fluorescent light bulb, call 911 and open the windows for ventilation.

If you still own a mercury thermometer, replace it, check with your community about household hazardous waste drop-off, or call 866-9MERCURY for more information. It is better to get rid of them now before it becomes a hazard.

If you have a mercury spill at home, do not attempt to clean up the spill, according to Do not vacuum up the spill, and do not touch mercury with your bare hands, get on clothing, or step in it, as you will drag it around.

For accidental spills, there is no charge to any homeowners for the “HazMat” team response, but if you have to call in a specialized clean-up company, keep in mind that it can be expensive.

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