(WWLP) – State funding is going towards fighting food insecurity and helping flood-damaged farms.

Over $26.3 million in grants will help strengthen the state’s food supply system and mitigate future supply chain issues. Among the grant winners are Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton and WestMass Elder Care in Holyoke. They each get a limit of nearly $500,000.

Senator John Velis believes this grant will be a step in creating a robust local food system in the Commonwealth. “We can push back on food insecurity and increase access and break down barriers, so people can eat the most fundamental things so many people take for granted,” said Senator Velis.

The money is eligible for a variety of uses, including vehicle and water upgrades for farms, equipment for schools and food banks, and regional research on food insecurity and health.
It must be able to be completed or spent within the next six months.

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