CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – 2022 was a deadly year for pedestrians here in western Massachusetts. And now a week into the new year, and two pedestrian accidents have already happened over the weekend.

“It’s really tragic,” Amanda Major of Westhampton expressed. “People love getting outside and walking. They should have the place and ability to do that.”

“When I’m a pedestrian, I think like, I am more visible than I actually am,” added Westhampton resident Steve Allen.

Saturday night, a pedestrian was sent to the hospital after being hit by a car on Grattan Street in Chicopee at the I-391 on-ramp. Then on Sunday in the late afternoon, a 44-year-old man was hospitalized after being hit by a car on Daggett Drive in West Springfield.

According to police, the pedestrian in West Springfield was wearing all dark clothing and was not using a crosswalk when the accident occurred. And as the number of pedestrian crashes continues to grow in our area, people are saying they’re proceeding with caution.

“I love to walk, and sometimes at night. It’s hard when people can’t see you. I think when you are in a car, you are behind the wheel, you have a responsibility to be on top of your ‘sphere of awareness’ and making sure you are looking out for your community members, even when they are on foot,” Major continued.

Traffic experts say that pedestrians should always use crosswalks when crossing the street and be alert of all approaching vehicles. The most important precaution to take at night is to make yourself as visible as possible so drivers can see you.

But, it’s not just tips for pedestrians. Drivers are urged to avoid speeding, slow down at intersections, and always be prepared to stop for people on foot.