SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer sent photos of inedible lunches at Springfield Renaissance School where her daughter attends.

22News spoke to the mother who said the pictures of the lunches were taken by her daughter that includes mold, discoloration, and under quality standards. The mother tried contacting the Renaissance School and the School Department but did not receive a response.

According to Springfield School Department Spokesperson Azell Cavaan, Home Grown Springfield provides the food service program to the school. They sent a statement explaining the photos shared from a concerned parent were from meals that were reported at the Springfield Renaissance School and have been addressed.

“We take all food safety and quality reports seriously, and our team thoroughly investigates every detail. The photos shared reflect previously reported meal quality issues that had been investigated and addressed. The images provided are examples of the meals before our culinary team made the quality improvements and represent multiple discontinued meals that are inconsistent with our current expectations.” Roger Weger, Resident District Manager, On-site Service Solutions, Springfield Public Schools


The issue of pizzas with discoloration was reported at Renaissance/Van Sickle school on September 10, 2021. A student took a photo of the pizza before throwing it away. The team provided replacement meal immediately to the students. The original photo has been recirculating on social media. According to Weger, there have been no additional reports of discolored pizza.

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Egg and biscuit meal

The quality of the egg and biscuit meal has been adjusted. They are now served in a two-compartment tray with higher-quality egg products. The presentation of several menu items, including the eggs with a biscuit and Sheppard’s pie meals, have been made throughout this school year.

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Lunch components mixed together

Weger says the photo taken of the pink mixture is not a meal that they serve. He says that it appears that several components and sides of a meal were mixed together in a serving tray.

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“At Home Grown Springfield, we go to great lengths to monitor and verify the quality of meals served in our school kitchens to ensure all food, including prepacked meals, meets and exceeds our safety and quality standards. School kitchen personnel continually monitor food safety and quality standards while reviewing product samples and documenting temperatures at critical control points of the current classroom service model. Every ingredient and meal that enters our school kitchens is tracked and monitored. We review all products sent to the school and the inventory on hand during our investigations. Also, it is important to note that any student who reports that they have been served a meal that is not what they expected, is immediately provided a replacement meal.”

Roger Weger, Resident District Manager, On-site Service Solutions, Springfield Public Schools