NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new poll shows that abortion laws can be a deciding factor for incoming college students choosing where to further their education.

The Northeast has the highest share of students who leave their state for college but now many are considering otherwise as abortion bans are spreading across the country.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research recently polled 500 students and families in nine Northeast states and found that 76 percent of students do not want to attend school in a state where abortion is restricted, and three quarters of parents prefer their child to attend school in a state without restrictions.

For Hampshire College President Ed Wingenbach, he sees this as a contributing factor to an increase in enrollment at Hampshire College, “People see Hampshire and I think Massachusetts and the Northeast in general as sort of a sanctuary from some of these attacks that are going on around the country.”

For some students, they just want to go to school where it reminds them of home and that includes politics. UMass Freshman Rowyn Lambert who is originally from California chose UMass in part because she didn’t want to attend school in many parts of the country where certain state politics don’t align with hers and she feels are restrictive.

“In general, like a lot of the laws and politics, they conflict with my views. So yeah, I just prefer to go to Massachusetts because it’s a lot more similar to my hometown, a lot of the same views I think. I feel more safe here, comfortable definitely,” said Lambert.

22News spoke to multiple UMass students today all of whom told me they were proud to go to school in a state where reproductive rights are a priority.