ENFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – The high prices of gas is being felt across New England. Just over our state’s border, a rally was held in Connecticut this evening to oppose a diesel tax hike that would take place next month.

22News spoke with people there who are concerned that a tax hike will only make diesel prices even higher and continue to financially burden consumers.

In Connecticut, the state’s tax on diesel fuel will increase by 9 cents per gallon starting on July 1. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont earlier this month said he does not expect consumers to be impacted by this. However, according to experts, diesel fuel is mostly used by trucks and increased diesel prices could impact the price of other goods including food.

22News spoke with Connecticut State Representative John Kissel who was echoing the concerns he has been hearing from residents as they deal with inflation across the board.

Connecticut State Representative John Kissel said, “They are very upset with the raising of gasoline prices and how much it’s going to add to the cost of food and retail goods, but they are also concerned about when the weather gets cold, the price of home heating oil. Inflation is hurting them now and into the future. We think that the state of Connecticut should give tax dollars back to people now so they can help balance their budget.”

Senator Kissel added that cutting the state’s sales tax and the suspension of the 1% meals tax will also alleviate the burden of inflation. Connecticut suspended its gas tax in April, and the average price for a gallon of gas there is $4.93 cents. Massachusetts lawmakers have rejected suspending the state’s gas tax, however, Governor Baker has said he is willing to pause the 24 cents per gallon gas tax in the commonwealth.

President Biden has said he hopes to make a final decision on a federal gas tax holiday by the end of the week.