CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) Overnight temperatures are starting to drop to freezing temperatures.

We have already seen a couple instances of overnight frost. This is the time you want to make sure your heating unit is taken care of and that heat isn’t escaping your home.

As we approach the beginning of November, temperatures are dropping into the 40s and 30s. Heating units that haven’t been used since last winter could need an oil refill. Joshua Smith from Berkshire Heating and Cooling told 22News, “The most important thing for people getting into the colder season is one, if you have oil, make sure you have a full tank, make sure that’s taken care of. You don’t wanna get caught without oil in your tank. And get your system looked at by a reputable company.”

Oil prices have actually dropped over 25 percent from last year, when oil was five dollars and 71 cents per gallon on average. But getting your heater in working order is only half the battle. The next step is to keep that heat in your home. Proper heating doesn’t just keep you cozy at night, it also protects your home developing mold and damp spots.

There are many products that can help keep that warm air in your home. Lou Courteau with Rocky’s Ace Hardware recommends one product as a main priority, “This is a furnace filter that you’d want to put in, like a said for maintenance, you want to do this every 90 days to keep your system clean and clear.”

Other products to stock up on are draft busters, if you have a large gap underneath your doors, and window insulation.

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also make sure seal up any holes in your wall or insulation before temperatures start to drop. These holes make lovely homes for unwanted guests, such as insects and rodents, who look for warm places to stay in the colder months.