CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — After a pretty mild winter so far, are western Massachusetts residents looking forward to the expected snowfall on Monday, and are they prepared?

The snowfall deficit we are experiencing will be cut into soon, and the people 22News spoke to have mixed feelings.

“I’m all set. I got my salt and my snow blowers all ready to go,” said Kevin Belder from Chicopee.

That is a sentence that has been said few and far between this winter. But come Monday night it seems necessary to be prepared, and some are excited to finally be able to enjoy what will seem like a more conventional winter day.

“I can’t wait to get eighteen inches of snow and go snowmobiling!,” Belder added.

While our 22News Storm Team doesn’t quite expect eighteen inches, the snow will be plowable, and timing wise it will affect many on their commutes early in the week. With the snow expected to begin on Monday evening in western Massachusetts and going straight through until Tuesday morning, Tuesday morning’s commute may be affected as well.

With accumulating snow in the forecast during that timeframe the weather is causing concern, especially for those with plans to make a longer trip on the roads.

“I don’t know if it’s gonna affect me or not on my way to Boston tomorrow, so I don’t know if it’s gonna be bad, the roads, but I hope everybody drives safe and we come back safe. Make it home,” expressed West Springfield resident Teddy Pena.

And, as snow is proven to cause an increased crash risk, reduced visibility, reduced pavement friction, and impede vehicle maneuverability, most are looking forward to when snow storms are no more, even with it being a milder winter so far.

“I don’t mind the cold, I just don’t like the icy roads, you know, it could be dangerous. I would rather it be nice and clear,” expressed Michelle Michalak of Agawam.

Our 22News Storm Team will have continuing coverage as this storm moves our way.