CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — The rain always seems to get in the way of weekend plans this year. The 22News Storm Team is Working for You with a look at how wet 2023 has been so far.

If you have been trying to get out and about in western Massachusetts the past few months you know how wet it has been on the weekends. Since June 10th, there have been 11 weekends with rain, and if we include Friday in those numbers, there have 16 weekends with rain out of 20!

July was a huge culprit with 9.93 inches of rain for the month. That is almost 3 times the average for a normal July.

Looking into November, there seems to be an average amount of rain in the Northeast, which usually brings about 3 inches of rainfall for the month. Unfortunately, this weekend was rainy, and we could be seeing more rain on the way.

Jack Wu joined the 22News Storm Team in July 2023. Follow Jack on X @the_jackwu and view his bio to see more of his work.