A raised crosswalk has been aggravating drivers in Longmeadow. The town has been getting a lot of complaints recently from drivers, claiming this raised crosswalk has damaged their cars. 

The raised crosswalk is at the intersection of Williams Street and Grassy Gutter Road, right behind Longmeadow High School. The speed limit on Williams Street is 35 mph, but there are neon green signs that alert drivers to slow down when driving over the crosswalk.

Longmeadow Town Manager Stephen Crane told 22News, the raised crosswalk was installed in October through a “complete streets state grant.” He said they hoped the crosswalk would encourage people to drive slower in this area and make it safer for pedestrians.

“Every car that slows down to the right speed doesn’t bottom out. Cars that are being inattentive or going too fast may feel that raised crosswalk and may in fact hit the asphalt with the bottom of their car,” said Crane.

Crane told 22News the new raised crosswalk does meet MassDOT standards, but they are looking into how to improve its design.

Crane said the town is also considering installing a radar speed sign to make drivers more attentive when they approach the crosswalk.