WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – In just a matter of days we’ve seen some troubling incidents, including a close call on that Southwest airline after the pilot became too sick to continue the course of the flight.

Also on Tuesday, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was in its takeoff roll at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport when an ambulance crossed the same runway, coming within 173 feet of the plane. It is said that the distance between the moving plane and the ambulance was less than half the length of a football field.

The airplane was cleared for takeoff but the emergency vehicle had crossed the wrong runway. These two incidents along with the technology failure that happened earlier this year that
briefly halted all flights nationwide has travelers concerned.

“I think it definitely makes me concerned a little bit. I haven’t experienced it first hand obviously, I haven’t been on a flight where it’s happened to me, but I think if it’s trend then it’s something to watch out for,” said Calvin Pen of Windsor, Connecticut.

“I’d rather they take the time and be safe and take care of what they need to do, whether it creates a delay or not,” said Aaron Bicknell of Connecticut.

Travelers hope that if issues like this come up, airline agencies are transparent and open with their customers to ensure that everyone knows what’s happening, and whether or not the incident will cause delay or interruption.