(WWLP) – If you feel like everything these days costs more, you’re seemingly right about everything.

Inflation rose to 8.2% in September versus a year earlier and consumers have seen prices for food, energy and housing rise sharply over that time.

Almost every single everyday item is more expensive and people from communities from all over western Massachusetts are feeling the effects. For instance the price of eggs are up over 30% and poultry over 15%.

George Downie of West Springfield told 22News, “I go into the grocery store or any store and items that used to be a certain price are now up 30-40%. I have a cat that I love, and when I buy food for my cat it used to be 60 cents and now it’s over a dollar.”

And people are not only struggling with the present, they are worried about the future and whether prices will continue to soar.

Joseph Dziok, who is a small business owner, said, “Eventually people are gonna stop spending money to go out to events, and that certainly effects my business and a lot of other people in this industry.”

Most economists believe that higher prices will likely last well into next year, though some everyday necessities, things like gas prices, are seeing a dip in price.