SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – When you walk into the doors of the Wig Boutique at the Cancer House of Hope you will see a room full of wigs from wall to wall ranging in style, cut, length and color. You’ll be greeted by the wig lady herself, Joan Quinn, one of our Remarkable Women finalists.

“The person finds their journey wig. They’ll lose their hair, it’ll grow back, so when they find that beautiful wig there’s a peace that comes over them. It’s tiny but it works,” said Quinn.

Joan Quinn began volunteering at the House of Hope Wig Boutique back in 2017. She assists men and women who are dealing with hair interruption while undergoing cancer treatment, helping them find the perfect wig at no cost.

“Something in me said you said you’d give back ten fold you haven’t given back. And it all clicked and I knew what my mission was. It would be, I just knew it had to be a boutique,” said Quinn.

Quinn has over 50 years of experience in the hair industry working as a stylist and as an educator in cosmetology for over 26 years. Quinn wanted to keep her promise and give back ten fold, so she decided to use her decades of experience and passion to transform the lives of each person that sits in her chair.

Quinn told 22News, “I think what’s in the shelves gives them hope that they too can have the look that they do deserve during their hair interruption.”

Quinn launched a “Hang Cancer Out To Dry” clothesline campaign which travels to local salons each month and all money collected goes toward purchasing needed boutique items. Thanks to those generations donations, the boutique is able to help over 150 people every year on their cancer journey in the hopes that these people can start to feel like themselves again while undergoing treatment.

“They just feel like they are complete again they can face they can go it work with his on. And they can do anything they want to do. And have confidence again. Can’t take away the cancer but the journey I can soften if a little bit,” said Quinn.