SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Safety is on everyone’s minds as they head out ahead of the busy travel weekend. While it will be busy, it’s expected that fewer people will be out on the roads than usual.

Travel experts reminding drivers to take it slow this Labor Day weekend. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that roadway deaths rose seven percent during the first three months of the year across the country. People told 22News that they hope others pack patience and precaution as they had out this weekend.

“There’s just a lot of distracted driving speeding and I mean realistically you can’t put speed bumps everywhere to prevent those things from happening,” said Luz P. of Springfield.

Roadway deaths have seen a meteoric rise. Experts believe that this rise is due to speeding, distracted driving and driving under the influence. People are concerned about distracted drivers on their phones or risky maneuvering on the roads.

James Lindsay of Chicopee said, “Nobody is really taking into consideration anybody on the road. Everybody is paying attention to their phones they are in a rush or just speeding motorcycles it’s really a danger zone out there right now.”

Experts say that the best rule of thumb when you’re heading out on the road is to practice defensive driving, wear a seatbelt and to never drive under the influence.

Luz believes that drivers should also, “Pay attention. Especially for the holiday weekend, don’t drink and drive. If you’ve consumed alcohol make sure you have a designated driver.”

As your preparing to head out, experts suggest to slow down. If you’re in a pinch for time, try to head out earlier to avoid some of the expected traffic.