CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – With a New England destination, the Mass Pike is filled with 4th of July holiday travelers.

Most are veteran drivers schooled in doing what’s right to reach their destinations. 22News spoke with drivers at the Ludlow rest stop eastbound, who said they were staying safe among millions of others on the road.

“I would like to use cruise control because I always keep the speed and it keeps me from not going over the speed limit,” said Adam Peterson from Syracuse, New York. “We do this every year. This is the sixth year, we go up to Maine, we try to make a trip up there.”

Tom Eckert from Indianapolis, Indiana added, “Try watching out for people around you. We drove 11 hours yesterday, two or three more hours today. The police are out so watch your speed.”

Veteran travelers giving good advice during one of the busiest holiday travel times of the year. Where, incidentally 20% of the expected traffic fatalities will be caused by drunken driving.