CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Fourth of July weekend is here! Schools are out and more people are going to be on the roads.

During the summer, there are more teen drivers on the roads, along with more pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists so when you’re driving it’s important to always look twice.

“You have to look in the front on the side, on the side in the rearview mirror, and even turn your head,” Estella Cairrera-Infante of Washington advises. “Don’t just look in the mirror, turn your head to make sure there’s nothing in front of you because it’s very dangerous.”

According to AAA, seatbelt usage is down 4 percent, people are speeding excessively and people are driving distracted and not sharing the roadways.

“It’s very important to just focus, not use your phone,” Cairrera-Infante continued. She recommends, “Throw it in the back seat or something because that’s dangerous.”

According to MassDOT, in 2021 Massachusetts had over 400 roadway deaths, the highest amount in more than 11 years. So practicing safe driving habits is important to keep everyone safe on the roads, especially as we see more motorcycles on the roads.

Zac Jusland of New Hampshire noted, “They do constantly zoom in and out…. but you just like to do those extra two looks that you wouldn’t normally do because it’s like you don’t want to endanger anybody.”

“Pay attention, don’t touch your phone and like [Zac] said, leave a little extra time for you to get places,” Taylor Chan of Newton added.

Experts suggest to always wear a seat belt, practice defensive driving, and to never drink and drive.