(WWLP) – Many people are taking personal safety into consideration when heading out to exercise after the tragic abduction and murder of jogger Eliza Fletcher in Memphis. It’s an unfortunate reality, but running outside and alone can be dangerous, especially for women.

Running is a solo sport which is one of the reasons it can present so many dangers. We think of the horrific circumstances around the death of Eliza Fletcher in Tennessee as she went out for a run, but it can also happen right here in Massachusetts. Vanessa Marcotte was murdered while jogging near her mother’s home in Leominster in 2016.

Given these and other incidents, it’s crucial to take steps to protect yourself. Jay Laliberte a marathon runner and also an employee at Fast Feet told 22News, “If you have a dog, run with a dog. People will steer clear of you or run to the other side of the road even, if they see you running with a dog. Alternate where you run, when you run, and earbuds are great if you are running around in a track, but I wouldn’t suggest them if you are in an area you are not familiar with.”

Other suggestions include running with a buddy, and while it’s important to let people know you are heading out for a run, be careful about sharing too much information on social media about your whereabouts. Jay also said to make sure to take your phone, but leave any expensive jewelry or accessories at home.