AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – While weekends are usually an ideal time to get some shopping done, or an outdoor workout in, this cold snap has made that challenging.

Very few people out and about as temperatures remained frigid throughout Saturday morning.

At N.E.X.T Level Fitness in Agawam, many were opting to workout inside in a warm space, rather than outside in below zero temperatures.

Justin Burchell, Head Trainer of N.E.X.T Level Fitness in Agawam said, “So a lot of people that come to the gym, you know they’re kind of creatures of habit, so rain or shine, hot or cold, they’re usually inside here.”

Experts say that exercising in cold weather increases the risk of hypothermia. It only takes about 30 minutes for the beginning stages of hypothermia to set in in below zero temperatures. That’s why Carlie Liquori prefers to remain active indoors.

Carly Liquori of Southwick told 22News, “Especially on a day like today where it’s harder to go outside and say, go for a walk, I can come here.”

If you do choose to burn some calories in the cold, you’ll need to layer up and warm up.

Justin Burchell added, “Especially on a day like today, in zero degress, you’re a little more prone to injuries so you want to make sure the muscles are warm. You don’t want to be going into something like weight lifting or standard cardio without making sure that the body’s warmed up.”

So even as temperatures climb back up Saturday evening, for the time being.

“It’s really important to just bundle up and make sure you’re ready for the weather,” Liquori noted.