SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Partners for Community Action took the time Thursday to award $14,000 to 14 Springfield residents, each receiving $1,000 to put toward their education.

Whether it’s college, trade school, or a certificate program, the Partners for Community action tell 22News it’s about helping people take the steps they need for their future.

Scholarship Award Recipients:

  1. Judea Blake
  2. Dominic Bruce-Moore
  3. Seldine Chambers-Sutton
  4. Shane Dillon
  5. Sheylis Gelpi Flores
  6. Brendan Guy
  7. Imanni Hayes
  8. Arilyn Kane
  9. Shryoyria Kraus
  10. Carrissa Le
  11. James Lee Jr.
  12. Pratham Patel
  13. Odayne Richardson
  14. Fatima Sultan

“It’s the mission of Springfield Partners is to give people the resources necessary to build a future. A lot of times that means looking at the background that folks have had along the way, and we do. We give a boost up to those who maybe had challenges financially and then this is going to give them the step forward that they need.” J.C. Schnabl, Deputy Executive Director of Springfield Partners for Community Action

Since 2003, the Springfield Partners for Community Action have over 250 low-income students, investing more than $250,000.