CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As we transition from summer to autumn, you may be wondering why you are seeing more spiders around the house.

The reason for that is this is around the time of year male spiders are looking for a mate. During mating season, male spiders will be more visible and active as they search for female spiders, which are known to stay in place for most of their lives.

This doesn’t mean outdoor spiders will be entering your home! There are different types of spiders and they tend to stay in their environment:

  • House spiders: Known to make large webs in your garage or home
  • Grass spiders: Typically create small webs in your yard or bushes
  • Fishing spiders: Larger spiders that typically stay near bodies of water
  • Jumping spiders: Little spiders that can quickly jump over large distances

In Massachusetts, the most common type of spider you may see roaming on the outskirts of your home are wolf spiders. These types of long-legged spiders are always on the move because they are aggressive insect hunters and tend to not build webs. The good news for you is they are more interested in eating insects than bugging you!

According to American Pest Solutions, most house spiders are harmless but it may still be a good idea to eliminate them. The webs they build are sticky and easily collect dust. They tend to become more visible the more dust they collect and will make your home look dirty.

However, if you are seeing more spiders in your home, it may mean you have other types of insects in your home that they are hunting. Spiders tend to move into places that have plenty of food sources, which are smaller insects.

Here are some tips from American Pest Solution on how to prevent spiders in your home:

  • Knock down spiders when you see them
  • Remove areas of moisture that may draw in insects
  • Turn off lights at night that attract bugs
  • Seal any gaps outside your home
  • Reduce the number of houseplants
  • Don’t leave out fruit, especially once it becomes overripe

Areas of entry into your home include windows, doors, garage doors, gaps around plumbing or exhaust pipes, and cracks in mortar or cement.

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