WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The West Springfield police are warning parents of the dangers associated with the game called “assassins” that the seniors at the high school are planning.

The West Springfield Police Department posted on Facebook an announcement from the town that the senior class of the high school has planned a class game called “assassins,” where the participants shoot each other with water guns, and the last student “standing” wins the game.

Police say there have been reports in other communities of an increase in calls reporting reckless driving, suspicious behavior, and reports of armed persons. In West Springfield, there have been no issues however, police want to make the community aware of the problems that may occur with the game.

The police are asking parents to educate their children about driving and not to conduct illegal behavior and respect all residents, “the last thing we want to see is seniors at this time in their life do something risky that could get someone hurt or affect their future, just for the sake of winning the game.”