CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You may have noticed empty grocery store shelves, retailers say it’s caused by an overall labor shortage.

22News compiled a list of the most common items that are sold out or very few selections available in local stores. According to the more than 400 comments submitted on the WWLP-22News Facebook page, the following are the most common items missing from store shelves.

  1. Canned cat food
  2. Frozen chicken nuggets
  3. Juice boxes
  4. Formula
  5. Dairy items such has half and half
  6. Bacon
  7. Orange juices
  8. Tortellini’s

Ahead of the nor’easter Saturday, milk or bread wasn’t mentioned by anyone, many of the comments on Facebook were able to find the same items fully stocked at a different store.

“It changes every week, but there is always something on my list that they don’t have,” said Dawn LeVay.

“Cream cheese … 100% juice boxes .. chicken nuggets .. cat food .. cat litter,” said Danielle Lynn.

“Juice Boxes, egg noodles, for a while lunchables were impossible to find. Every time I go shopping, there is always something that is sold out in every aisle. Chicken wings and bacon were nearly impossible to find for a while,” said Debra Gilkison.