SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield City Council voted on a historic Fair Share Amendment Resolution Monday.

The Fair Share Amendment is a proposal to add a small tax on annual individual incomes that exceed $1 million. While the amendment is expected to impact fewer than 1-percent of taxpayers, it is projected to raise nearly $2 billion each year for investments in public education and infrastructure improvements.

According to a news release sent to 22News from Fair Share Amendment spokesperson Liz Métraux, the City Council voted yes unanimously, joining municipal bodies from across the Commonwealth in endorsing the initiative.

Watch the full video of the meeting online: https://focusspringfield.com/watch/government/

“For too long, investments in bedrock resources like public education, transportation, and infrastructure, have been underfunded in our Commonwealth, hitting cities like Springfield the hardest,” said Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman. “At the same time, millionaires and billionaires continue to benefit from those same resources, while enjoying record profits from our labor and expenses.”

“Our public schools have been underfunded way too long. The strain of the pandemic has just made it worse,” noted Jackie Velez. “I support the Fair Share Amendment because the billions in sustainable new revenue it will bring to Massachusetts will go a long way to addressing long standing inequities and ensuring that our kids can finally receive a decent education and the social support they need to thrive.” 

Voters will cast their ballot for the Fair Share Amendment this November.