SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A pleasant surprise for some Springfield area drivers Monday, when they noticed a slight decline in what we’ve been paying for a gallon of gas.

A slight drop in price was evident at some service stations here in the Pioneer Valley. Gone was the price of $5.29 a gallon at one station. It was now $4.99, and another gas station previously charging $4.99 dropped it’s price to $4.88.

President Biden said he’s considering a federal holiday on the Gasoline tax, a move that’s been rejected by the Massachusetts state legislature. Should the President move ahead with the federal gas tax holiday, he’ll have his decision by the end of the week. A Federal Gas Tax holiday would save us more than eighteen cents a gallon.

What we’re paying now in the Greater Springfield area is just slightly less than the national average for a gallon of regular.