NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The U.S. Small Business Administration is recognizing Small Business Saturday on Saturday, in support of local businesses and Main Street economies.

On Saturday, America’s 33 million small businesses were acknowledged for their role in keeping our economies vibrant and advancing the nation’s economic recovery. November 26 marks the 13th annual Small Business Saturday, created to help small businesses capture a larger piece of the critical holiday season consumer spending, while also helping address small business owners’ most pressing need, which is getting more customers through their doors.

Owner and designer of Ooh La La, Ali Ingellis told 22News, “The fiber of this community is run on small businesses and people who shop local whether it be retail or food or restaurants, this community is built for self sustaining.”

According to American Express, shoppers came together in full force last year to support their local communities, and Small Business Saturday hit a record high with an estimated $23.3 billion in reported spending at independent retailers and restaurants.

“You know if it works for you to shop online and you can return what doesn’t work for you because it came and it turned out to what you didn’t want it to be then I’ve got no judgement about that but but if you really wanna have an experience then you go to a small business,” said Cathie Walz, Owner of the Blue Marble.

To encourage more shoppers, some stores on Saturday are offering special deals.