SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some of the snow that melted Tuesday is now refreezing overnight, which will make for some slippery travel.

22News spoke with the president of C&B Landscaping and Snow Removal Services, based out of Springfield. He told 22News that his company often uses ice melt, Magnesium Chloride because it melts snow and ice quickly, and can melt to a lower temperature compared to other ice melts.
In addition to that, it may be a little more gentle on certain surfaces like cement.

“My recommendation would be to never-ever use straight rock-salt on any type of concrete, stamp concrete, or paved or patio walkways,” said Andrew Coyne, Springfield C&B Landscaping and snow removal services. “Only because it’s going to eat that away.”

Coyne says to make sure to avoid a common mistake, which is to throw the ice melt on top of the snow. He says you should always clear the snow away first and then put the ice meltdown.