HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The cities of Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee are teaming up to fight illegal dirt bikes. 

They all said the same thing; riders are becoming reckless, and illegal dirt bikes are putting everyone on the roads at risk.   

“Uncivil, unsafe,” these words used by Mayors Murphy, Sarno, and Vieau to describe illegal dirt bikes plaguing western Massachusetts streets. Friday night, a 22News crew captured video of a massive gathering on East Columbus Avenue in Springfield. Almost simultaneously, another large gathering was held at the Pride on Route 20 in the North end of Springfield.  

“They want mayhem,” said Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno. “And that puts our people in a dangerous situation whether young or old you see what’s happening across this area and also across America.” 

While illegal dirt bikes have always been a problem, it’s escalating, especially because it’s the middle of summer. To curb this illegal activity, the Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee police departments are collaborating to act as a task force.  

They did not specify exactly how they will be teaming up, saying they don’t want to give away their tactics, but it is an all-new regional collaboration. 

“This collaborative effort is something we are going to take a lot of pride in and hopefully you’ll see some significant changes in the near future is our goal,” said Mayor Vieau. 

All three mayors called on the courts to help with this effort. Saying illegal dirt bike riders need to be punished and the court system needs to hold them accountable. They are also urging the public for help. 

If you know where illegal dirt bikes are being kept, you are being asked to report it. 

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