SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield non-profit helping families own their homes received money from the state Friday to increase their success.

Springfield State Representative Bud Williams presented $25,000 to the Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. which has paved the way for more than 1,000 families to upgrade their lives by owning a home. Representative Williams pointed out that since the pandemic many families have been forced to take a lifestyle step backward.

“I cannot express enough that I have and will always be an advocate for creating generational wealth. The importance of investing in oneself and paving the way for future generations to follow is paramount to creating a legacy that will endure long after we are goneHomeownership and generational wealth should be synonymous with one another and equitable for all. It is a means to an end” states Rep. Bud Williams, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Racial Equity, Civil Rights, and Inclusion. “Owning your own home is a personal accomplishment that lays the framework for stability within communities and provides a solid foundation upon which our children may live, thrive, and grow. I am pleased to acknowledge and proud to support the work that Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services is doing to consistently guide residents of the 11th Hampden District in their endeavors to secure a clear path forward towards achieving generational wealth”.  

“When people are unable to buy homes, they are also unable to invest in their future and build generational wealth. However, there is hope. Programs that offer education and assistance to first-time homebuyers can help to close the wealth gap and allow more people to achieve their dreams” states Leo Williams, President/CEO of Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. “We are thankful to Rep Williams, the Springfield Delegation, and the Dept. of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) for their support and look forward to continuing our efforts to provide quality services, programs, and assistance to our community.” 

Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. offers virtual and in-person programs for first-time home buyers that include budgeting, credit repair, shopping for a mortgage, and the home buying process. One-on-one counseling is also available to help with foreclosure prevention.