SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield police officer and firefighter were pallbearers for a woman they helped save.

The Springfield Police Department shared the heartfelt story on their Facebook page and is reminding residents to check on their neighbors especially if they are older and during frigid temperatures.

On December 9th, Springfield Police Officer Lindsay Tagliapietra was called to a home on Wilbraham Road for a well-being check on 88-year-old Joann Ianello. When the officer arrived, she noticed that the mailbox was full and the doors were locked.

The fire department helped Officer Tagliapietra make entry into the home and found Joann on the floor in her bedroom alert but in poor condition. She was taken to Baystate Medical Center where she made a partial recovery from her fall and was able to speak and eat on her own.

Joann passed away on January 5th. Officer Tagliapietra and Springfield Firefighter Lt. Dan Allard were asked by Joann’s neighbor, who called 911 to perform the well-being check, to be pallbearers at her funeral. The neighbor helped plan the funeral and said it “would mean so much to Joann” and due to the professionalism and kindness.

Joann had no other family after her brother passed away in 2022. Her funeral Mass was located at Our Lady Sacred Heart Church followed by a burial at St. Michael’s Cemetery.