SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On Saturday one local animal organization made sure pet owners across western Massachusetts have access to vaccines for their pets.

The non-profit organization Second Chance in Springfield helped pet owners get the preventative care that their pets need.

“It’s just like your children, and they should have doctors appointments just like your children. You see something is wrong, you do something,” expressed Sara Gasparrini of the Second Chance Organization.

According to Second Chance, an estimated 30% of pet parents do not take their pet to a veterinarian annually for preventative care.

During this clinic and the others planned for the rest of the year, Second Chance is making rabies and distemper pet vaccines free and accessible to ensure the health and wellness of pets. Distemper vaccines can prevent Parvovirus and distemper in dogs and panleukopenia in cats.

Second Chance Vets say that the most prevalent deadly diseases affecting pets are preventable with a vaccine.

Veterinarian Dr. Kathlyn Clark told 22News about some dangers with un-vaccinated pets. “Especially right now, I have been hearing that there is a large outbreak of Parvo in the Springfield area. With unvaccinated and under-vaccinated pets it can cause significant expense with hospitalization and even death.”

Whenever you can, make sure the pets you love have the proper care they need. You can learn more about Second Chance, their vaccine clinics, and their others resources by going to their website.