Springfield police arrested a 19-year-old man after recovering two illegal firearms during a traffic stop. 

Springfield police spokesman Ryan Walsh said 19-year-old Kevin Arroyo was arrested Thursday night near the intersection of Marble Street and the Dwight Street extension. 

Walsh said police identified a stolen license plate on a motor vehicle and conducted a motor vehicle stop. 

After struggling with officers, Arroyo was placed into custody, according to Walsh. 

Walsh said officers recovered two loaded firearms in the car. They also recovered heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and a digital scale. 

Arroyo is charged with seven felony charges: 

• Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm in a Felony
• Possession of a firearm in a felony with a defaced serial 
number (2 counts)
• Possession of a Firearm in a felony
• Possession of a Class A drug with the intent to distribute
• Possession of a Class B drug with the intent to distribute
• Drug violation near a school/park

He also faces these misdemeanor charges: 

• Operating a motor vehicle without a license
• Resisting Arrest
• Assault & Battery on a Police Officer
• Number plate violation to conceal ID
• Receiving stolen property less than $1200
• Possession of Ammunition without ID
• Possession of a Class D drug with the intent to distribute
• Improper storage of a firearm
• Improper storage of a large capacity firearm