SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been issues with elevator operations at the Linden Towers in Springfield that have residents concerned for their safety.

The fifteen-floor building only has two elevators, and both were out of service over the weekend.
22News stopped by the Linden Towers Monday morning after receiving several complaints from tenants there.

Merary Daniels, daughter of a tenant at Linden Towers, said “The whole entire weekend, the elevators have been off commission.”

This was a cause of concern for the overwhelming senior population residing in the Linden Towers. Tenants say both elevators stopped working on Friday and were in and out of service throughout the weekend.
Unreliable elevator operations forced many residents to stay in their apartments.

“I went to the 11th floor to help people. I went to the 10th floor to help. 8th floor they don’t have milk, I have to go and get the milk upstairs” said 4th floor tenant Maria Corro.

“The tenants feel stuck. My mom was upset” said Daniels.

When the 22News crew got there around 10:30 a.m., there was one elevator that was running, and shortly after talking with some concerned residents, it went out of service yet again. Residents claimed nothing was being done to address the issue.

Matt Flink of Appleton Corporation, which is the management company at Linden Towers told 22News that OTIS elevator maintenance crews were working all weekend on repair attempts. He said they identified the issue as several door contacts not functioning properly within both elevators, which crews were working to replace throughout the day on Monday.

“And they’re very optimistic that once that work is completed, before the end of the day today will be returned to full service,” said Flink.