SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Everyone across the Pioneer Valley certainly felt those high temperatures in the weather forecast on Thursday.

Many were eager to soak up the sun, while also avoiding that blistering summer heat. There were plenty of places to go around the area with cooling options while enjoying the outdoors. One such location was Forest Park in Springfield.

Amid this head advisory, a lot of residents shared the same thought, “Let’s go to the Splash Pads!” 22News visited Forest Park and people were saying that when it comes to extreme heat, your best bet is to stay cool in the water!

Jennesy Ruies of Springfield said, “We’re at the splash pad right now, and we’re really having a lot of fun because it’s very hot over here. It’s like almost 105 degrees, it’s fuming hot.”

Some decided to try the public pool. Aliyah Ortiz of Springfield told 22News what she likes to do on a hot day, “Get wet in the pool!”

On Thursday, the heat index made it feel like it was about 102 degrees. Everyone was doing their best to beat the extreme heat. Families grabbed their swim bags, sunscreen, and water bottles and came to the splash pads. Local residents were finding their own ways to stay cool; from taking a dip in the pool to enjoying a nice bike ride, or even a stroll.

22News asked Aliyah what brought her to the splash pad, and pool on Thursday. She said, “Because it’s really hot, and you get to swim and have fun, and you can play.”

It is important to remember to also prioritize safety when being outside in weather that could be harmful. When it comes to extreme heat experts suggest to layer up with sun block, and wear loose fitting clothes to prevent heat-related illnesses. Also, drink plenty of water; at least 8-10 glasses a day.

“I advise you to wear sunscreen, because it is fuming hot out here. You will get burned,” Ruies explained.

With more warm weather on the way on Sunday, experts urge people to stay as hydrated as possible.

If you’re a fan of the sun but not the heat, head out earlier in the day when the sun isn’t as intense.

Temperatures will stay pretty warm all weekend, so if you can’t make it to a pool there is always local cooling centers, libraries, or senior centers that can help provide some comfort and company in the heat.