WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A family’s love for all things outdoors has blossomed into an annual show here in western Massachusetts. The Springfield Sportsman’s Show has been running for thirty-nine years and was created by the current show coordinator’s father.

“It’s probably been the best of at least the last three years, but people have come out, they’ve decided they’re going to enjoy their sports. These are outdoor people. Even in the snow yesterday, we had a good crowd come through,” expressed Outdoor Sports Expo Group President Doug Sousa.

From hunting and fishing to boating and rafting, outdoor enthusiasts had a wide variety of gear and activities to explore. One vendor has been coming to the show for seventeen years, all the way from South Africa.

22News spoke with Madeleine Hayward, Co-Owner of Blue Cliff Safaris, who said, “There’s been a lot of people out here, they’re ready to go and hunt, and they’re ready to enjoy life.”

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary can attest to that. They witness firsthand the heavy volume of people on the water. “Popular? …. Go to any, go to the lake, go to the river, and you can see all of the people that are on the water,” said U.S. Coast Guard Division Vice Commander, Loraine Lopardo.

When the warmer weather hits local businesses benefit from the popularity of these kinds of activities.

“We’ll just talk about fishing alone. It brings a lot of revenue to an area because you’ve got hotels, you got to have gas, people have to eat, and everything. So, they don’t realize that the revenue goes up,” expressed Al Gag, the President and Owner of Al Gag’s Lures

Though winter weather has finally made its way to our area, Michael Walker from Ware has his sights set on spring, “Definitely looking forward to camping and fishing.” And, appreciating mother nature.

One patron echoed a statement we can all live by, “It’s the only outdoors we have, so let’s protect it!”