SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a beautiful sunny Saturday at Forest Park in Springfield. Many eager to soak up the sun, while also avoiding the heat.

“Nature is beautiful, you can see everything that’s beautiful,” said Benjamin Valenzuela-Martinez of Agawam.

In an effort to stay cool people stayed in the shade, took strolls in the park or had picnics to enjoy the weather and scenery.

“We’re drinking water and Gatorade to keep us hydrated and staying in the shade to avoid the sun and putting on bug spray,” Keilani Salazar of Agawam told 22News.

“We decided to get some ice cream and now we’re just enjoying throwing the ball around and enjoying this nice hot weather,” added Francisco Martinez. “I’m just finding a nice spot under some nice shade and just enjoying the weather as much as we can.”

Local residents were finding their own way to stay cool this weekend from taking a dip in the pool to enjoying a nice bike ride or stroll. Others enjoy some cold and delicious ice cream.

“A water balloon fight to help keep us cool so we don’t overheat because it’s going to be 100 degrees today,” Salazar continued.

When it comes to extreme heat experts suggest to layer up with sun block and wear loose fitting clothes to prevent heat-related illnesses.

“There’s definitely a lot of skin diseases that can happen if you have too much exposure to sun so that’s why we try our best to have sunscreen on and stay safe,” said Martinez.

With more warm weather on the way on Sunday. Be sure to protect your skin by wearing a hat and light-colored clothing.

And if you’re a fan of the sun but not the heat head out earlier in the day when the sun isn’t as intense.