NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – This weekend is the tax-free holiday weekend here in the Commonwealth. On August 13th and 14th the 6.25% sales tax will be cut from items under $2,500.

This weekend is popular for shoppers to to stock up on some big budgeted items like appliances for their kitchen or furnishing their home.

22News caught up with workers at Fly-By-Night in Northampton that say shoppers should really take advantage of the tax free holiday to save on some cash.

“Some of the more season sales associates here have furnished people’s home on this weekend, so it’s exciting to see, you know. Lots of furniture going out all at once finding things that they like in every room of the house,” said Salesman Joseph Romanos. “Everybody likes to save a little bit. We are not known for our store-wide sales so this is a great opportunity to save on things everyday.”

The sales tax holiday unfortunately doesn’t cover everything, including motor vehicles, gas, and even alcoholic beverages.