SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some good new for those seeking a better work-life balance thanks to a new study out of Britain. The study is the largest of it’s kind which shows employee productivity stayed the same despite a shorter work week.

Employees at 61 British companies participated in the study, working an average of 34 hours across four days between June and December of 2022. Employers said despite the shorter hours, productivity remained the same and data showed employees were much less likely to quit their jobs for better work-life balance.

Naji Mitchell of Springfield told 22News, “There’s other stuff that people have to take care of financially, like taking care of their bills, their kids and stuff like that. Also if you have appointments as well it’s also a good day to actually figure things out.”

The study showed that staff was able to get more done in less time and for some, the extra day off was more important than pay. Evidence also suggested the four day work week helps recruit workers, which has been historically difficult for employers since the pandemic.

As for the bad news from the study, despite all the positive outcomes of the study, very few companies said they would make the full transition to a four day work week.