WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – When it comes to the holiday season, many residents in western Massachusetts are displaying their houses with lights, before electricity costs become a concern.

The cost of electricity is expected to go up this winter, as Eversource has requested a 42% increase in their supply rate as of January 1, which was approved by the Department of Public Utilities. Some might be worried about running holiday lights as they try to save money. But, one local resident told 22News that she isn’t hesitant about keeping her lights operated through the holiday season.

“I know some people see Christmas lights as not a necessity and choose not to do it, I love Christmas, I love Christmas lights, it’s the holly jolly season,” said Amanda LaPete of Ware. “You just got to decide if it’s worth it to you, with just even a bit of light. The kids love it when they drive around town.”

LaPete says that having Christmas lights on at her house is a tradition, including driving around with her children to view other houses that are lit up and following a Christmas light scavenger hunt. She couldn’t imagine seeing fewer people having their lights up or herself.

Holiday light display in Ware

As LaPete displays her household lights, she still has found ways to still conserve energy in the meantime. To monitor how much energy she is using, she uses a timer to prevent her lights from being left on for extended periods of time.

All of her lights have also been changed to LED. According to the Department of Energy, LED holiday light strands last longer and consume 70 percent less energy than an incandescent light strand. Additionally, she has the option to decide which parts of the house stay lit up each day.

During the winter, National Grid is also having rates reach 64%. However, National Grid introduced a winter consumer savings initiative to help people save. Mass.gov also has a Home Energy Assistance that can help households pay a portion of heating bills.

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